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Note: core support frame isn't included.  



  • CAD engineered system.
  • LS and conventional small block/ big block engine systems available.
  • Custom built radiator.
  • Radiator module designed to work with stock (customer supplied) core support frame.
  • Core Support Frame isn't included
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • System assembled with high quality zinc plated steel nutserts.
  • Dual Spal electric fans and shroud.
  • AC condenser included.
  • Integrated transmission cooler.
  • Polished stainless overflow tank.
  • Polished stainless radiator top plate.
  • Polished stainless AC condenser top and bottom brackets.
  • Billet AC line bulkhead.
  • Billet radiator cap
  • All stainless button head bolts.
  • TIG welded construction.
  • CNC bent hardlines for AC condenser and overflow tubing.
  • Side panels are 16 gauge paintable mild steel.
  • Comes with detailed instruction manual with photos
  • Polished stainless air intake bezels and mesh.

    Systems with the air intake option also include:
  • Polished stainless air intake tubing.
  • Mirror image airboxes.
  • Mirror image air intake system.
  • Serviceable air filters.
  • Silicon hump hose coupler.
  • Stainless T-bolt clamps for the coupler.
  • Air intake system works best with LS engine located in stock or setback position, possible with our smoothie recessed firewall.
  • Air intake system works best with LS engines tuned to run "speed density" without a MAF sensor.

1955-1957 HRD Trifive Radiator with Air Intake system

  • Based on the systems that we designed and fabricated for both the Prestwood 55 Convertible, and Dan's 55 Nomad (aka Bruiser), this system will help to take your car to the next level with the option of providing that modern EFI engine with fresh cool intake air. Every since we build the Prestwood 55 Chevy Convertible, we have had customers asking for us to build these systems. It's been a long time coming and we have spent hundreds of hours developing an advanced system that I think will fill a void in the trifive world where newer style fuel injected engines such as the LS varieties and RamJet engines need some sort of attractive and functional air intake. We have tried to address every detail of the construction and layout to develop what I believe is quite possibly the best system available today. One issue we wanted to address is that most of the custom radiator systems today are comprised primarily of polished aluminum which as we all know dulls over time and is a pain to keep looking good. We designed this system to use mirror polished stainless for all of the bright work for minimal maintenance. The top of the radiator, condenser brackets, air intake tube, grille mesh, and surrounding bezel are all mirror polished stainless steel which has a look similar to chrome and can be cleaned the same way you would a chrome bumper. The remaining aluminum radiator tanks, and airboxes can be painted to match/contrast the car or they could be polished if you desire to do so. On the 55 Nomad we painted the radiator tanks, radiator support, and airboxes to match the car. We wanted this unit to be serviceable so instead of going the easy route and using sheet metal screws or pop rivets, it is all assembled using steel threaded nutserts with stainless button head bolts for a very high quality construction and high end look. Yes it costs more and takes more time to build, but it makes for a much better product. For the radiator we went to the best in the industry. C&R Racing who makes pretty much all of the top level NASCAR radiators has been contracted to build the radiators to our specifications. The fans are dual Spal with shroud. The AC and overflow hardlines are CNC bent for precision. There is a conveniently located billet bulkhead for the AC lines just below the radiator.

    This is a brand new product and we have tried to address all aspects of installation. We have just finished testing the 55 system and it is ready to go.

  • Orders can take up to 2-3 weeks to ship due to assembling the radiator kit.

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