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Founded in 1983, Master Power Brakes is the leader in model specific brake kits for classic cars.

Lots of companies sell brake parts, but what sets them apart is their focus on model specific kits.  Each of their kits are engineered for specific models and designed to be as "bolt-on" and easy to install as they can make it.

They also strive to continuously improve, taking advantage of every technological development and installation insight to keep making their kits better and better.

They work with a variety of businesses, including race car, street rod, antique, classic, and muscle car markets.  This blend of experience has put them at the forefront of the braking system business.  They offer quality equal to or superior to any brake system available in the industry today and they have the knowledge and flexibility to adapt to your special requirements.

The success of Master Power Brakes is based on the diversified skills of people recognized as industry experts who have made, and will continue to make the difference in the leadership of the braking industry.  While they have grown and added to their product lines through the years, Master Power Brakes remains determined to give you exceptional quality products, exactly tailored to fit your needs, and delivered with prompt, courteous service.

We are a Master Power Brakes dealer, please call us for orders and availability.


Legend Series: Most cost effective option!! The Master Power Brakes Legend Series is a complete brake system to upgrade your drum brakes to the reliability and performance of disc brakes. These kits consist of OEM style cast-iron calipers and vented rotors. The Legend Series is their most cost effective kit and a great upgrade to your classic vehicle. Installation is a weekend project that will pay dividends for years to come. Choice of solid or slotted/drilled rotors.


Rallye Series: Takes a good thing and makes it better!! This system is a complete brake solution that upgrades your original drum brakes to disc brakes with a distinct, modern performance look and feel. These kits consist of high quality 4-piston billet aluminum calipers and brackets along with the added benefits of slotted and drilled rotors. All of this gives increased performance over the Legend Series but still allows the use of stock 15” wheels.

DB4720P-Normal (1).jpg

Pro Driver Series: Their ultimate for looks and stopping! If you are looking for the ultimate in looks but also expect the ultimate in performance, then you need their Pro Driver Series. This complete kit is engineered to work with 17” and larger wheels. It utilizes larger 4-piston billet aluminum calipers along with 13” cross-drilled and slotted rotors. All of the brackets and hubs are machined T-6061 billet aluminum for increased strength and durability. Every component is the best available to provide the looks and handle the most aggressive of driving. If you demand the best, stop looking!


BILLET X Master Cylinder - Brake lines going to the master cylinder are a must. However, they should never look like an afterthought or ruin the overall look of the engine compartment. With the BILLET X Master Cylinder, you can run the lines to the bottom of the master cylinder for a clean, finished look. In addition, it's a modular design and comes in a large variety of lid and finish options.


CARBON X BRAKE BOOSTER - Do you currently pop the hood on your most prized possession and absolutely hate the look of the brake booster? They have for years and finally decided to do something about it. Master Power Brakes is excited to introduce their all new CARBON X BRAKE BOOSTER. There is finally a brake booster that has the looks to go along with today’s high-end builds. Traditionally a builder has gone to great lengths to move, hide or cover the brake booster. It is finally a part that can be featured. Also comes in a variety of hardware and outer billet ring color and finish options.

download (6).jfif

***NEW & IMPROVED*** Silent Drive Vacuum Pump Kit: A solution to low vacuum. Big cams can wreak havoc in a vehicle with a power brake booster. The bigger the cam, the lower the vacuum number. Inherently, the lower the vacuum number the harder the brake pedal is to press. This does not have to be the case. With their Silent Drive Vacuum Pump, you can remove the engine from the equation and use their stand alone pump to provide the vacuum necessary to properly run a vacuum brake booster.

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