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we now offer a 2nd style recess from our smoothie tri-five firewalls for those wanting to build a custom firewall. These recesses are the ticket for gaining engine while building a smooth custom firewall in streetrods, hotrods, muscle cars or pretty much anything. They are 25-9/16" wide, 2" deep, and 16-1/2" tall. They will come fully CNC cut and formed from 16ga cold roll steel, with the corners tack welded into place. All you have to do is fit it into your custom firewall and finish welding it out. We reccomend that you tack it into the firewall front panel before finish welding the corners. This is a much more attractive alternative to the standard boxy looking firewall recesses with squared off corneres offered by our competitors.


Trim to fit 

HRD-Universal Firewall Recess- 2" Deep

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