Win Lite Drag Pack Black Anodized Wheels 


17x10 Direct fit wheels for modern muscle; the Drag Pack wheels offer performance, ease of installation and lightweight for your modern muscle car. Unique Duo-Block construction saves weight while proving superior strength and runout while clearing today’s performance brakes. Even more weight savings comes from recessed and pocketed bolt pads and optimized outer rim thickness with integrated beadlock on outer rim 



• Accepts TPMS valve stems

• Forged 6061-T6 center

• Precision spun rear half

• Accepts conical seat lugs

• Recessed and pocketed bolt pad


  • Will have to call to figure backspacing for caliper clearance and pricing depending on size. [PRICES DEPEND ON WHEEL OPTIONS AND SIZES]


Ships directly from manufacturer

Win Lite Drag Pack Black Anodized -SBL Wheels