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Why choose HRD Billet LS valve cover caps over competitor products?


  • Fitment:  HRD LS valve cover caps are precision made to encapsulate the stock valve covers so as to give the appearance of a solid one piece valve cover.  The coils are bolted into the cover first so that there is no need for two halves that separate.  Also it does not look like a "coil cover". 
  • Baffling:  Since HRD caps utilize the stock GM valve covers, the GM designed baffling and crankcase ventilation system is built in unlike other products that have an unbaffled valve cover design requiring the use of an external catch can.
  • Wiring:  HRD caps locate the coils in close to the stock position so that wiring harness extensions and coil relocation brackets are not required.  In many cases, the stock sparkplug wires can be used.
  • Customization:  The HRD valve covers were designed to be custom finished to achieve the look that the customer desires for their engine.   Not only can the cap be painted, the mesh and oil filler neck are available in black or silver.  The mesh top provides a blank canvas for adding  logos or emblems to match the aesthetics of the car.


HRD- LS Engine CNC-Machined Aluminum Valve Cover Cap Set

Mesh Finish
Oil Filler and Cap
    • Body CNC Machined from A356 Aluminum casting - Delivered in natural finish to allow installer to paint, polish, anodize, or powdercoat to the builder's design (mask threaded holes if painting or powdercoating)
    • Precision made to tightly cap over stock valve covers to give the appearance of a solid one piece valve cover design.
    • Houses stock GM coils inside the cover part # 12611424 most commonly found on LS2, LS3, LS7, and LSA engines.  
    • Allows use of the stock coil pack harness part # 12579355 without the need for harness extensions.
    • Allows use of stock length spark plug wires.
    • Fit's center bolt LS1, LS2, LS3, LS7, L99, and most truck valve covers.
    • Unlike similar products on the market, it retains the factory GM baffling found in the stock valve cover for superior oil control. 
    • Available with the option of provisions for using the stock left rear valve cover mounted PCV valve.
    • All sets are machined to retain the factory crankcase breather tube on the right side valve cover. 
    • Mesh top is fully breathable to allow heat to escape from the coils and is customize-able allowing the user to personalize with user supplied emblems if desired.  
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